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Fly Fishing Wicklow

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Our   Fly   Fishing   Lake   is   open   all   year   round   (except   on   Wednesdays   in   September,   October,   November,   December, January,   February,   March   and April).   We   offer   you   a   wide   range   of   price   options   to   suit   both   your   pocket   and   the   time you have available, allowing you to fish for Brown and Rainbow Trout from 10am to dusk. Avonmore River, Annamoe, County Wicklow Tel: +353 (0)404 45470   Email: annamoefishery@eircom.net Web: www.annamoetroutfishery.com  

Fly Fishing Classes Wicklow

Learn   to   fly   fish   in   Co   Wicklow   with   a professional    instructor,    book    a    fishing session   at   our   lake   conveniently   located beside Dublin in Co Wicklow. Our      Fly      Fishing      Lake      is      stocked periodically   with   rainbow   trout   of   up   to 20lb   and   brown   trout   of   up   to   3lb.   Perfect your    casting    and    learn    with    the    best Wicklow has to offer!
Annamoe Trout Fishery - 2015 Media Fly Fishing Competition The   winner   was   Maurice   Neill,   Paddy   O’Flaherty   was   second   and Mick   Flanagan   was   third   and   Lary   Nixon   fourth.   Heaviest   fish   was landed by Derek Davies- 5lb. Big thank you to the sponsors Dave McBride - South Side Angling Kit Dunne - Wicklow Boat Charters John Buckley & Derek Evans
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Best Fly Fishing in Wicklow

The   new   flush   of   water   in   the   river   has freshened     up     the     lake     and     water temperatures     are     remaining     at     12 degrees   centigrade,   resulting   in   the   fish being   lively   and   foraging   for   food.   With the   mild   weather,   fly   life   is   in   abundance and      trout      are      being      caught      on klinkhammers,   knotted   midges   and   dry green   peters.   Subsurface   fish   are   being caught      on      buzzers,      pheasant      tail nymphs and twinkle hare ears.